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CEA PR Communication and Studio is looking for models. Male and female, well tended with classical life style. Age between 25 and 55. We photograph Hotel- and Restaurant scenes, fashion, street and retail. Studio and On location. We don‘t care nationality or other aspects. Steadiness is important. First we need some casual photos from you with a wee bit personal details, how we can come in contact. Second step is a personal talk. Third step is a professional portrait shooting for a set-card. This shooting is free of charge. Unfortunately we cannot hand-out this photos but we need your permisson for showing and publishing. If you have interest please contact: Mail@ChristianvonderEltz.com
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Product Photography. From easy going to complex.
Jazz Musician Portraits.  Fine Art Photography Jazz Musicians. Atelier, On Location, Stage.
Fashion Portraits. 
Campaign Artwork, Bridgestone Tokyo, Europe, Germany. Retail, SPI-Magazines. Winter-Tyre
Inside the Atelier Clients have interest how and  with what a photographer works. Why not? Let‘s take a round for a look in the Atelier and Studio today.
Street Photography is not a question of the perfect picture, the perfect light or what else. As a street photographer „you“ are a observer with a detailed and mindful eye for scenes, people or incidents.It is a kind of documentation. All and everytthing is interesting. The right place and the right time can deliver a story in a moment…
Street Photography Shanghai Photo of the day:
Campaign Photography Retail, Web… Big Shoots.
Street Spot Portraits: 2019.15.07. West Bund.  (go more down…)
Magazine Portrait Shooting
Business Portraits are visual statements.
History: 2009. Germany
Product Photography Studio/Atelier
Photo Location for Portraits and Fashion. Xintiandi. For professionals for a good reason, I would say…
…and Art Exhibitions.
Scop. Shanghai Center of Photography West Bund. Architecture. Galleries, Art and Ateliers.
Art and Galleries, Architecture and Photography  at the West Bund Shanghai. An inspiration for the weekend…
Fahion Portrait, Magazine. Christine Ann
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A Pro Nikon N1 V3 is always in the bag. „For the right time at the right place in the right moment …and you.“ The Photo is online maximum 14 days… Copy and use. Your photo is a gift. Book a Fashion- or Portrait Shoot.
On the way to the airport. Always ready for the right moment.
The new Hong Kong/Macao Terminal
Update: 2019.07.07./West Bund
Daily promotion. Chair Portrait Check it out. Only one time per day.
ART. Fine Art Photography, quality book-, calendar- and frame production for art exhibitions, interior and art buyer.
Art Objects in Shanghai. 60 x 40 fine art print 100,00 Euro, 800 RMB
for Agencies, Media Illustration, Producer
Product Fashion Shooting, Retail with Alice Pan
2019.07.15 West Bund, Anikin Street Spot Portrait9
Sailing, Yachting, Exhibition, POS, Retail, PR
Hotel F/B Photography at Timeout.PR-Magazine.com
Portraits. Lifestyle. Culture.